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Last Updated: Jan 06, 2017 02:47PM CET


Top Bar

Navigation Bar





Mambu's flexibility is also reflected in the different ways it offers to navigate through the menus so that you can access all you need more efficiently and without wasting unnecessary time.
There are three basic options you can use - the Top Bar, Navigation Bar and Links.


Top Bar



Name of the institution

The name of your organization is the first information you see on the top bar. You can define it in the General Settings under Administration.



Branch filter

If you have the permissions to access the information of all your organization's branches, you will be able to use this filter. Choosing a specific branch here will allow you to look into and manage that specific branche's activities, reports or list of clients, for instance.




Gives you a quick access to tasks assigned to you as a Mambu User. With this function users can view their tasks due, add new tasks and assign them to other users. It also allows you to view the list of all your tasks as well. You can read more about tasks here

Quick Access Bar

Here you can search for any of your clients and accounts either by their names or ID numbers in Mambu.
You can also use it to find shortcuts to create new clients, loans and savings accounts.
All you need to do is to start typing the name or number associated to the entity or shortcut you're looking for, and using the auto completion Mambu will provide you a list with the matching results.


You can also access the Search Bar using the shortcut Alt-Space

If you need to look for a client with multiple first names:

- You will have to put the first name in quotes. For instance, if the client's name is
María Luisa Cruz Jiménez type "María Lu" in the Search Bar and the name of the client will be shown in the result.
- You can also type M C or María Cruz, so looking for a client first letters of first name and first letters of last name will give you the best results.
- If you want to search for the complete name it's necessary to add quotes around first and last names:
"María Luisa" "Cruz Jiménez"
- For groups you have to follow the same process, so if the group's name is Las estrellas you will have to type “Las E” (quotation again)




This is a quick access point to Mambu's online documentation, in case you want to look for a specific topic in more detail. When you click this link, the helpfiles will be opened in a new window, without interfering with what you were doing in Mambu.



User settings

Click on your name to see your profile, logout, or to edit your profile if you have the permissions to do so.
From here you can also manage your customized views (to read more about customized views please click here).



Logout and Lock Screen button

Click here if you need to leave your computer for some time and want to block the screen. Then use your password to unlock it and go back to what you were doing in Mambu.


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Navigation Bar

It can be considered as the classical way for navigating in the system. The tabs in the navigation bar include all the activities you can perform in Mambu.

The Dashboard is the first tab and also the first screen you see as you login to Mambu.
You can think of the dashboard as the source of your organization's news.
Here you can see all the latest activities in your organization, a summary of its current state, a list of all the clients who are assigned to you and the repayments that are due in the following week.

Clients is where you can see all the clients in your organization, search for clients by branch or by credit officer they have been assigned to, create new clients as well as access custom views that you have created.

Groups allows you to view all the existing groups information and create new groups.

Loans is where you can manage all the loan accounts for your clients, add new loan accounts, or view customized reports including information selected and adjusted by you. 

Deposits is where you can manage all the deposit accounts for your clients, add new deposit accounts, or view customized reports including information selected and adjusted by you.

Transactions allows you to view and add information on loan repayments and deposit collections.

Products shows you a list of all your organization's loans and deposit products and see the detailed terms and conditions for each.

Organization is where you can see a list of all the offices and staff members in your organization.

Reporting gives you access to all the data from your organization's current and past financial situation, as well as the option to customize, import and create new reports based on the indicators you choose.

Accounting is where you can view your organization's detailed transactions, generate accounting reports and manage the assets, liability, equity, income and expense accounts

Administration allows you to import your data, to setup Mambu, manage users and branches, to create your products, integrate with other services such us SMS and Email notifications.


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You will find many links that you can use to directly access users and clients' profiles, loan and savings accounts or to perform some operations such as enter repayments or edit clients profiles.
You can easily identify links in mambu by their blue color and you will find them in different places such as the dashboard, clients' or loan accounts' lists.


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