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Last Updated: Jun 10, 2015 10:03PM CEST


Set the Internal Controls

Maximum Exposure to a Client

Clients Can Receive Multiple Loans

Minimum days in arrears before write-off

Group Size Limit Type

New Client State




Set the Internal Controls

Here you can determine other parameters such as setting a maximum limit for the outstanding loans a client can have, if a client can have multiple active loans or not, if they can be in more than one group and define if fields such as Date of Birth and ID documents are required or optional.

To set these parameters, click on Internal Controls > choose the options that apply > Save the changes.



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Maximum Exposure to a Client

This allows you to define the maximum amount of risk your organization is willing to take when providing loans, by setting a maximum limit for the outstanding loans a client can have. Mambu provides you three options - unlimitedsum of all loans or sum of all loans minus the savings balance.



If you choose to define a value for the Sum of All Loans, this implies that the outstanding balance of all the client's active and active (in arrears) loan accounts can't exceed that amount.

If you determine that the maximum amount will be a value for the Sum of All Loans Minus Savings Balance, this means that you will take into consideration if the client has active savings accounts in your organization. In this case, the risk is lower and choosing this option will serve as an incentive for clients to save, as the higher their savings balance is, the largest loan amounts they can apply for.


Suppose that the Maximum Exposure was set to 12000$ for the sum of all loans. If you try to approve a loan account for a client whose sum of all loans exceeds this amount, you will get a warning message and Mambu will prevent its approval.




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Clients can receive multiple loans

Two settings can be selected

  • Yes, Unlimited Number of Active Loans: meaning no limit to the number of active loans.
  • No, Only One Active Loan Per Client: so no more than one active loan per client is permitted.

Bear in mind that a loan counts as active after disbursal.

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Minimum days in arrears before Write-Off

If your organization's policies determine that a loan can only be written-off after a certain number of days, you can define this period just by entering the number in this field.

This will make sure that only the loan accounts that are in arrears for more than that number of days can be written-off.



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Group Size Limit Types

There are three different options you can choose from to setup the constraints to the group size.

  • None,sets no restrictions to the number of members a group can have
  • Hard, will only allow a number of members between the range you define.
  • Warning, will give you a warning message if the number of members exceeds the number you define here, but will allow you to proceed upon confirmation.


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New Client State

When you create a new client in Mambu, you can choose if the client's state should be automatically set to Inactive or Pending Approval.

If new clients go through an approval process in your organization, you should select the option Pending Approval. In this case, a user with permission to Approve Clients has to approve the new clients before they can start having accounts associated to their profile.

If new clients don't usually go through this approval process, you should then choose the option Inactive in which case clients don't need to be approved to start having loans and deposit accounts.



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