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Creating New Individual Clients

Last Updated: Mar 24, 2017 02:00PM CET


Create individual clients

Client Fields

Assign clients to branches, centers, credit officers and groups

Adding Identification Documents

Add, edit and delete clients' photos

Add, edit and delete clients' signatures




Create individual clients

To create a new client, click on Create button on the top menu bar.

 Group members need to have an individual client profile, and can be added to a group only after they have been created as individuals. 

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Client Fields

Standard Fields

These fields are displayed in the header and in the "details" and "address" sections of the client creation form and include general information such as the client's names, birth date, gender, email and so on.


These fields are included by default and they cannot be removed or changed.

The email and mobile number fields are the only fields used for client communications in Mambu.

The preferred language field defines the client's language in the Customer Portal and defines the language any placeholders (such as the loan schedule placeholder) that require a language in communication templates or contracts.

Custom Fields

Each client custom field set is displayed as a section, in which custom fields belonging to the set can added or removed to input the values as required.


For more information on how to create and manage custom fields please see here

Adding a Custom Field to the form Click on Add Custom Field > choose the field from the list.

 Required and Default custom fields are displayed by default on the form.

Removing a Custom Field from the form. Click the red "remove" icon next to the field.

 Required custom fields cannot be removed from the form.

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Assign clients to branches, centers, credit officers and groups

Every client can be associated to a single branch, center, credit officer and multiple groups. This is association is used for reporting, workflow management, client account transactions, among other things.

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Adding Identification documents

If there are ID templates defined for the client type being created they will be displayed by default on the form. The data for applicable ID documents can be filled.

Removing/Adding ID document templates to the form
Non-required ID documents can be removed by clicking on the red "remove" icon. Clicking on Add Identification Document,  will allow  adding a previously removed ID document template.

Input mask format
If the template has an "input mask" defined, then the ID entered has to match the format specified for the ID type selected, according to the following characters:

  • For each "@" there has to be a letter character.
  • For each "#" there has to be a number character.
  • For each "$" there has to be either a letter or number character.
  • Any other characters, such as "-" the same character would need to be entered.
For example, if a template has the input mask @@@-##-$ the IDs would need to be: 3 letters, a hyphen, 3 numbers, a hyphen, then a letter or number. For example: ABC-12-A, or DEF-34-1 are valid IDs for this template.

ID Duplication
Mambu will validate the ID number and give you a warning message if there's another client in the system with the same ID.


Linking attachments to ID Documents
Attachments can be linked to ID documents, in most cases this will be a scanned image of the physical document.

To add an attachment to a document

  • Click on the Attach File button in the ID document template
  • Type a title and a description for the file
  • Choose a file to upload, click send
  • Save changes.

 ID document attachments are visible on the client profile overview, besides the ID Document name, from where they can be downloaded by clicking on the image icon.

 ID Document attachments are also visible in the client attachments tab, from where they can be downloaded, edited or removed as any other attachment.

 ID Document files can be attached only when the “A​llow Attachments” option has been enabled for the ID template.

 Each Identification Document can have up to 5 attachments.


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Add, edit and delete clients' photos

Add profile picture
To add your clients' photo to their profile go to the client > click the portrait image > Choose the file to upload  > click Send > Save.


Edit profile picture
To change a client's photo go to the client > click on the client's photo > click the Edit icon > choose another file > Send > Save.

Delete profile picture
To delete a photo from a client's profile, click on the photo > click on the Delete icon > Confirm. 



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Add, edit and delete clients' signatures


Add a signature
To upload a signature click on Signature > click Browse to select the appropriate file from your computer > click Send > Save.


Edit a signature
To change or update a client's signature, click on the signature > click on the Edit icon > click Browse to upload the new file from your computer > click on Send > Save.

Delete a signature
To delete a client's signature from their profile click on the signature > click on the Delete icon > Confirm.


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