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Clients States

Last Updated: Oct 28, 2016 05:31PM CEST

Clients can have several states with specific meanings and implications.


Pending Approval


It is the initial state when a new client is created and  means that the client is under evaluation.

At this stage it is not possible to create new accounts or process any loan or deposit applications. It is also not possible to assign these Clients to a Group. Only after the clients are approved, they can be added as Group Members or new accounts can be opened for them.


Creating Clients in “Pending Approval” state is optional. Alternatively, Clients can be created by default in the “Inactive” state described below (this setup is available under “Administration” and “Internal Controls”.

At this stage it’s possible to “Reject” or “Approve” a new Client, depending on the result of the evaluation. Therefore, this initial state can be used if there is a separate process of “Approving” the Client (separate from approving a loan / deposit account).




Clients in the “Inactive” state are clients that have no “Active” loans or deposit accounts.

At this stage, it is possible to create new accounts for these clients and process their loan / deposit accounts applications.


This can be either a default state of newly created Clients, or represent “Approved” Clients that were by default created in the “Pending Approval” state (this setup can be defined under “Administration” and “Internal Controls”).  


If the client does not have any accounts, it’s possible to “Undo Approve” and send the client to “Pending Approval” state.




Any Client who has at least one “Active” or “In Arrears” loan or deposit account, will be in “Active” state.


The client's state will be automatically set to “Inactive” as soon as there are no active accounts associated with the Client.




Any Client in “Pending Approval” state that doesn’t pass the evaluation can be “Rejected”. The client will be stored in the system as “Rejected”, and the reason for rejection can be stored in the Notes as well, for future reference.


It’s possible to “Undo Reject” by choosing the option under “More”. As a result, the Client will be set back to “Pending Approval” state.




Any “Inactive” client who doesn’t have any active accounts can be “Exited”. Once in this state it won't be possible to create new accounts for this client, assign as a guarantor or add it to a group.

There are several reasons why you might want to consider setting a client's state to be “Exited”. For instance, if the client finished a loan cycle and doesn't apply for another loan immediately afterwards, you might want to keep that client's information in the system while also preventing other users from opening accounts for that client by mistake or assigning them to credit officers, or guarantors.

This client might return to your organization in the future and it will be valuable to have all their history stored.


It’s possible to “Undo Exit” choosing the option under “More”. As a result, the Client will be set back to “Inactive” state.




Any “Pending Approval”, “Inactive” or “Active” / “In Arrears” Client can be “Blacklisted”.


It's not possible to open new accounts for a blacklisted client, add them to groups or assign them as guarantors.


You can blacklist clients if, for instance, you want to communicate to other users that this specific client should not receive another loan due to default, late repayments. or any other reason.

If a blacklisted client returns to your organization in the future, even if it's another staff member dealing with the case, they will always have access to the history of the client's states changes and can view reasons for blacklisting of the client.


It’s possible to “Undo Blacklist” choosing the option under “More”.
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