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Latest Mambu Mobile Features and Release History

Last Updated: Jul 11, 2018 09:13AM CEST

Latest release

We will be updating the help files to ensure all the new updates are covered within a few days after the release. For more details about the current and previous versions of Mambu go to the Mambu App page on Google Play.


Mambu Mobile 7.0 - Released August 2018  Functionality Overview

Summary of enhancements

1. Implement Mambu Mobile changes required to support updates in Mambu version 7.0
1.1 Support for Payment Due Fees on Loan Accounts
1.2 Added Organisation Commission and Funder Interest information on Loan Transactions
1.3 Added Branch information on Loan Accounts
2. Miscellaneous enhancements
2.1 Update to Android SDK v26 (Android 8.0)

Past releases

This is the list of our past releases, with their release date and main features added.

Mambu Mobile 6.0 - Released March 2018  Functionality Overview

Summary of enhancements

1. Implement Mambu Mobile changes required to support updates in Mambu version 6.0
1.1 Support for Straight Line Amortization for Manual Fees
1.2 Support for viewing details of Loan Fractions on Loan and Deposit accounts
2. Bug fixes

Mambu Mobile 5.0 - Released December 2017  Functionality Overview

Summary of enhancements

1. Implement Mambu Mobile changes required to support updates in Mambu version 5.0
1.1 Credit arrangements permissions
1.2 Credit arrangements view update: introducing state and approval date
1.3 Loan account capping: calculus now takes the accrued amount into consideration
1.4 Dynamic loans: interest from arrears information available at account and transaction levels
1.5 Payment Plan loan product renamed to Interest-Free Loan
1.6 Limited use for Fixed Term Loan with Payment Plan payment method
1.7 Support for End of Day/Maximum balance for Deposit Accounts
1.8 Support for "Tiered per period" interest rate for Deposit Products
2. Implement new functional enhancements for Mobile app
2.1 Transaction receipt print in offline mode


Mambu Mobile 4.6.0 - Released June 2017  Functionality Overview

Summary of enhancements

1. Implement Mambu Mobile changes required to support updates in Mambu version 4.6
1.1 Support for Capping Constraints
1.2 Allow selecting any user from User Link drop-down custom field
1.3 Products per Branch
1.4 Capitalized Interest on Dynamic Loans
1.5 Tracking additional balances for Loans 

2. Miscellaneous Enhancements
2.1 Increase the limit of saved entities for offline mode to 1000


Mambu Mobile 4.5.0 - Released March 2017  Functionality Overview

Summary of enhancements

1. Implement Mambu Mobile changes required to support updates in Mambu version 4.5
1.1 Transaction Channel Constraints
1.2 Support for Offset Loans
1.3 "Start Maturity Period" transactions in online mode.
1.4 Prepayment recalculation methods: Reduce Number of Installments and Reduce Amount per Installment 1.5 Custom Fields for Credit Arrangements


Mambu Mobile 4.4.0 - Release date 08/01/2017  Functionality Overview

Summary of enhancements

1. Implement Mambu Mobile changes required to support updates in Mambu version 4.4
1.1 Enhanced Reduced Number of Installments for Equal Installments Loans
1.2 Deactivating Branches and Centres.
1.3 V4.4 Labels Renaming
1.4 EIR amortization calculated using the account repayment frequency

  • display Amortization Frequency
  • display Amortization Frequency Custom Interval in Product details view

1.5. Display Available Amount when displaying Line Of Credit Details
2. Implement new functional enhancements for Mobile app
2.1. Support adding accounts while offline even to the client who was also created offline.
3. Bug Fixes
4. Miscellaneous Enhancements


Mambu Mobile 4.3.0 - Release date 02/10/2016 - Functionality Overview

Functional and UI Changes:

1. Support "Option to disable "Other" Document ID templates".
  • Add support for allowing/disallowing specifying Other Document IDs on the mobile based on the corresponding new Admin Setting

2. Display new parameters available for Loan Products and Loan Accounts in V4.3, including:
2.1 Include Interest in the Floor of Repayments for Revolving Credit
2.2 Support configurable "Locking of Funding Allocation"
3. Miscellaneous 4.3 Enhancements
3.1 Display new permissions: "Edit Interest Rate"
3.2 Display new "Locked" user state for the users
3.3 Support new error messages when Locking Investor Funds (e.g. INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS_ACCOUNT_BALANCE)
4. The minimum Android version for Mambu Mobile app was increased to Android 4.4 (KitKat)
5. Bug Fixes
6.1 Fixed a bug for mobile Map, when clients in close proximity (10-50m) were assigned exactly the same position (latitude/longitude)
6.2 Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes


Mambu Mobile 4.2.0 - Release date 17/07/2016 - Functionality Overview

Summary of enhancements:

1. Support Custom Funder Interest Commission products
2. Support Deposit Products and Accounts in Different Currencies
3. Support Products and account settings for Arrears Tolerance Period
4. Support Transaction reversal for:

  • Undo Closer for Loan and Savings accounts
  • Reversals for Fee, Repayment and Interest Applied (loans) and Fee (savings) transactions
5. Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes to support Mambu 4.2
Mambu Mobile 4.1.0 - Release date 08/05/2016 - Functionality Overview

1. Summary of enhancements:

1.1 Support specifying Disbursement Fees when creating new and disbursing existing loan accounts
1.2 Support Configurable Client fields for client names and client details
1.3 Support Submitting Manual Predefined Fees (previously, only arbitrary fees were supported)
1.4 Support Deposit Tiered Interest Rates
1.5 Support Principal Payment for Revolving Credit at account level
1.6 Support Transaction Custom Fields (allow submitting transactions with custom fields, which shall be available based on the selected transaction channel, as well as displaying custom fields for posted historical transactions)
1.7 Support Capped Locked products
1.8 Support displaying account rules for savings accounts

2. Improvements:

2.1 On client overviews display the names of the groups a client is assigned to
2.2 Miscellaneous functional and UI enhancements and bug fixes

Mambu Mobile 4.0.1 - Release date 28/02/2016 - Functionality Overview

1. A brief summary of changes:
1.1 Branch selection feature for users who can manage multiple branches. Displaying data for the selected branch
1.2 Support Disbursement Details for Loan Accounts
1.3 Support Loan Accounts to be funded by Groups
1.4 Support Custom Interest Charge Frequencies for Deposit accounts.
1.5 Display Settlement Account for loan accounts
1.5 Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes

2. Miscellaneous enhancements
2.1 Allow uploading documents that have multiple dots in the file name
2.2 Allow uploading iWorks document formats
2.3 Allow Updating Groups with an assigned address
2.4 Login time performance enhancements

3. Notable UI enhancements
3.1. The Dashboard view now displays the currently selected branch and allows users managing multiple branches to change it
3. 2. Users views display data for the currently selected branch
3. 3. “Preview Schedule” is now a menu item when creating and updating loan account and is accessible from any account details tab (was a button before)

 Mambu mobile app will support versioning. Starting with Mambu 4.0 the version numbers for the mobile app will start with the first two digits of the Mambu version number supported by the app. The first app release for Mambu 4.0 will therefor be released as Mobile App v4.0.1. 

Mambu Mobile 2.11 - Release date 13/12/2015

1. Support for Mambu 3.14
2. Updating Terms for Savings Accounts
3. Previewing Loan Schedule when creating and updating loan accounts
4. Displaying Funded Loan accounts for Savings Investor accounts
5. Viewing and Deleting Attachments
6. Deleting Loan and Savings accounts in Pending Approval and Partial Application states
7. Searching for Lines of Credit
8. Viewing Repayment item full details
9. Displaying entities using Organization Labels


Mambu Mobile 2.10 - Release date 13/10/2015

1. Support for Mambu 3.13
2. Allow creating loan accounts with guarantees and assets
3. Display details for guarantees and assets for loan accounts
4. Allow creating loan accounts with investor funding
5. Display details for investor funding for loan accounts
6. Allow submitting "Request for Approval" for loan accounts
7. Allow Disbursing loan accounts with tranches
8. Allow Reversing Penalty Applied transactions
9. Show Transaction Custom Views on the mobile
10.Support creating Savings accounts with custom interest rate
11.Support multiple deposit transactions on Fixed Deposit accounts
12.Support custom fields templates and content validation for text fields
13.Support custom field values permissions for specific users
14.Support user access rights for posting transactions on specific channels
15.Support displaying accounts in arrears for just one day
16.Support displaying details for products and accounts for P2P Lending feature


Mambu Mobile 2.9 - Release date 26/07/2015 - Functionality Overview 

1. Support for Mambu 3.12
2. Updating Loan Account Terms (for accounts in Pending and Partial Approval states)
3. Viewing Tasks Groups
4. Viewing fully paid entries for repayment schedules
5. Viewing locations for Mambu entities on third-party Map applications
6. Miscellaneous UI enhancements, including:
            * accounts and lines of credit are displayed in tabs
            * tab views are horizontally scrollable


Mambu 2.8 - Release date 31/05/2015 - Functionality Overview

1. Support for Mambu 3.11
2. Support for Grouped custom fields
3. Support for custom fields linked to a Client or Group
4. Viewing and adding comments
5. Viewing Lines Of Credit, their details and assigned accounts
6. Clickable links for assigned and linked entities to easily display their details
7. Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes


Mambu 2.7 - Release date 03/05/2015 - Functionality Overview
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