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After signing up

Last Updated: Jan 06, 2017 02:44PM CET


After you sign up to Mambu, you'll receive an email confirming your registration and a link where you'll be able to login using the username and password you chose.

When you head to you will see the login screen, which also shows Mambu's version and special announcements at the bottom, along with the usual login credentials and password recovery link.


Successful Login? Welcome to Mambu!


Are you the first person in your organization to login?

Then you will see that there is no information in the system, no clients, no products, accounts, or other users. The database is empty and you will need to add that information before start using Mambu.

This is a simple process that doesn't require any particular technical skills, but the person doing it should know how your organization works in detail, its processes and policies. So if you want to pass this task to someone else, all you need to do at this point is to create a new user in Mambu and set the appropriate permissions so that the new user can access Mambu and start populating it.


The logical steps to start adding information in Mambu
There's a sequence that you should follow when adding your organization's information to Mambu. You can change some of the steps order, but doing it this way will make the whole process much easier and efficient.

1. General Settings

Go to Administration and click on General Settings where you can configure all your organization's preferences, such as your institution's name, lending practices, custom fields or holidays, for instance.

2. Create your Loan and Deposit Products
You can setup all your products in Administration. You will be able to create new products at any point in time.

3. Create your Chart of Accounts
In Accounting, click on Chart of Accounts and start defining all your General Ledger accounts or import an existing one using the migration tool.

4. Enable Accounting for your Products
Under each of your product's settings you will be able to enable accounting and link the financial actions to GL accounts.

5. Create Branches
Go to Administration, click on Branches and Create New Branch. By doing this at this point you will be able to associate your clients to specific branches in the following step.

6. Create your clients' and groups' information
You will be able to add new clients whenever you need. To do so, just go to Clients and click on New Client or New Group.

7. Start creating loan accounts and deposit accounts for your clients
Go to Accounts, choose New Loan Account or New Deposit Account and start disbursing loans or managing your clients' deposit accounts.

If you have data from an old system follow the steps of the Data Migration section

Mambu works better with free and modern browsers such as Firefox or Chrome
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