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Managing Loan Products

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2015 11:10PM CEST


Edit a Loan Product

Activate and deactivate a Loan Product

Delete a loan product




Edit a Loan Product

To change any loan product click on Administration > Loan Products > click on the one you want to change > select Edit > make the changes > save the product.



Effects in loan accounts

When you edit a product in Mambu, the new terms and conditions will only affect the new accounts created under that product. Existing accounts can only be changed to reflect the new product terms if they are Pending Approval. In that case, you can click on More Actions > Edit Account > make the changes > Save Changes


Change existing accounts' terms

To change an account which has been aproved and disbursed already you need to first click on More Actions > Undo Disburse or Undo Approval.

The account state will go back to Pending Approval and you will be able to edit it.


Tracking Changes in Loan Products

For auditing purposes, all changes that occurs in a product, will be tracked and displayed both under the Activity feed on the dashboard and on the actual product's activity feed.

As all other activities, these changes will be stored with the details about date, time and the user who edited the product providing a complete audit trail for every product.

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Activate and deactivate a Loan Product

When you create a loan product its state will be Deactivated by default. If you're using the Community edition of Mambu and you want to activate your products, just go to Administration > Loan Products > click on Activate or on the red dot next to the product you want to activate.

To deactivate a loan product just click on Deactivate.

If you're using other editions of Mambu and you have Accounting switched on, before activating your products you'll have to link them with the General Ledger accounts as described in Product Actions.

After this step is done, you'll be able to activate the product just like mentioned above.



When you do this, you will see that the red dot turns green and the label changes to Activated.



When you deactivate a product it will no longer be available to create new loan accounts under it. However, the active loan accounts that were part of the now deactivated product will remain active.


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Delete a loan product

To delete an existing loan product, go to Administration > click on Loan Products > click on Delete.

You can only delete products that have never had accounts associated to it. In case the product you're trying to delete has or is being used, you'll get a warning message reminding you of that, and preventing you from deleting the product.



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