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Customizing Your Account II

Last Updated: Jun 08, 2017 06:02PM CEST


Customized Labels
Group Roles
● Client Types


Customized Labels

Depending on your activities or internal policies, you might use a different terminology to refer to your clients or offices for instance.

To continue using that same internal terminology while working with Mambu, the default labels can be changed to accommodate your own.

The default labels that can be changed are Clients, Groups, Branches, Centres, Credit Officers, Interest and Fees.

To change the default labels in Mambu
  1. Go to Administration
  2. General Settings
  3. Labels > Labels
  4. Click on Actions
  5. Edit > enter the new labels in both singular and plural forms
  6. Save Changes

You will see the new labels immediately after saving the changes.

If some users in your organization are using Mambu in a different language, you can define the labels for them too. Just choose the language from the menu > enter the labels as described above.

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Group Roles

Some groups determine specific roles for some of its members. One member can be responsible, for example, for collecting the repayments' money from all the other members and take it to the MFI on the due date. This member's role could then be defined as the treasurer of the group.

Knowing which members are responsible for certain tasks can be relevant in cases when for some reason the group is assigned to another credit officer in your organization, or if some other staff member has to take over the transactions of that group for a certain period of time.

To define new roles go to Administration > General Settings > Group Roles > click on Add New Group Role Name > enter the name > Save Changes when you finnish adding all the group roles.


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Client Types

In Mambu you can setup different Client Types, based on your organisation's needs. 

You can define a name and ID for the client type and select from several usage options:


Allow opening accounts - when checked, new accounts for this client type can be created
Allow as guarantor - when checked, the clients under this type can be used as guarantors
Require identification documents - when checked, ID details must be provided for the client to be created
Show default address fields - when checked, the Mambu default address section will be available*

 Mambu's default address has the standard fields, however some organisations might require capturing more fields or additional data relating to client addresses. Therefore the default address can be disabled, so that a new address section can be created via Custom Fields (see article here).
 Do note, that only the default address can be used for GPS location on the Mobile App. If this is needed by your organisation you must use the default address.


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